January is National Radon Awareness Month

Christina Bear

Christina Bear is a junior in high school and attends Colorado Academy in Denver. She enjoys reading, skiing, cross-country, tennis, and computer programming. She mentors elementary school students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Working with Girl Scouts of Colorado and the Horizons Program at Colorado Academy, Christina initiated a STEM introduction course for minority children. She is involved in the Colorado High School Mock Trial program, Spanish Language Honor Society, Colorado Math League, American Computer Science League and runs on the Colorado Academy Varsity Cross-Country Team. She serves as an ancillary member on the Board of Seeds of South Sudan with a mission to support the education of orphans surviving the genocide in South Sudan.

2008 Poster

The winning poster from 2008 by Christina Bear. On a cold winter day, Christina was searching on the internet. She stumbled upon the National Radon Poster Contest and decided to try her luck. After many attempts to perfect her slogan of “Keep Your Radar Out for Radon,” she finalized her piece depicting lobes of the lungs with radon-related facts and figures. Much to her surprise, her poster won first in the Colorado Radon Poster contest. Inspired by her research on the topic combined with living in Jefferson County which has unusually high levels of radon, Christina started to think about a statewide radon education initiative.

2010 Poster

The winning poster from 2010 by Eric Bear. Inspired by his older sister, Eric decided to enter in the National Radon Poster Contest himself. After many days of thinking, he came up with "Detect to Protect" as his slogan, which encourages people to test their homes to remain safe from the dangers of radon. “Detect to Protect” is now used may many national organizations. His poster demonstrates the many ways that Radon can enter the home. This poster won 1st Place in the state of Colorado. His poster was used on the front page of the Health Physics newsletter in April 2010. http://www.co.clay.ia.us/offices/environhealth/forms/April10HPNFinal.pdf

Eric Bear

Eric Bear is a freshman at Colorado Academy in Denver. He is passionate about being in the mountains of Colorado as well as playing soccer on the Colorado Academy Varsity Soccer team. Eric obtained a black belt in Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo in 2013 after eight years of training. He enjoys reading, running, refereeing for soccer, and hiking 14,000-foot mountains in Colorado. He looks forward to Geneva Glen Summer camp where he is a veteran of seven years. He is involved in Colorado High School Mock Trial, acting in school-wide productions at Colorado Academy and the Amnesty International Club at his school. He loves math, science and technology and was Student Council President in Middle School. Eric plays the piano and ukulele to entertain his friends.
Surprisingly, over 21,000 people die of non-smoking lung cancer each year. Radon is a leading cause of lung cancer second only to cigarette smoking.